Raggedy and gold #clouds #sky #light #sunset

I don’t sleep, I just dream

well i can now drive to his place without a GPS

which is a little bit terrifying

Flight is amazing

misc part 2

  • I think the combination of birth control + a new nail treatment (went back to Rejuvacote after many years) is making my nails grow like crazy. this is wonderful!


  • my roommate’s dad is staying here this weekend, I think he’s supposed to leave today but it’s almost 8 and he’s still here??
  • So I spent one night at Brandon’s and the rest hiding in my room, heh
  • I still remember how good a 3-day weekend felt, which only makes this regular-length weekend suck even more
  • I bought a huge pack of v8 juice last weekend and remembered how much i freaking love it. It’s all vegetable juice but tastes almost exactly like tomato juice, cool and salty, and I can drink it faster than any other beverage. 
  • Seriously, I can down a can in minutes, and then I only want more, but the amount of cans is finite :(
  • I also haven’t gone grocery shopping in weeks, wheee :(
  • why isn’t my planner here yet??

just spent an outrageous amount of $$$ on a new planner! I started using my filofax again when I started this job, but for the first few weeks I didn’t have many meetings or projects to keep track of, so I lost interest. And now shit is piling up higher than my head and I need to get organized again. So i bought an Erin Condren life planner which seems outrageous but so got dang beautiful and now I’ve fallen into a pinterest black hole and I can’t stop psyching myself up.

Deutschland uber alles #toomucheffort