>attending women’s business networking event tomorrow

>starts at 9am

>work normally starts at 8am

>extra hour to sleep in

>extra hour to play zelda



Killing time, one way or another (at Media, Pennsylvania)

my room is tilted!

then again this house was built in 1910 so i guess it could be worse

first big fart in new house

My new view #livingonahill

coincidentally this is the most tumbling I’ve done in months

I laid down on my bed with my coffee and some football on

and it’s so comfy

I don’t want to get up

it’s 10pm but I guess it’s time to make some coffee

this is what I get for drinking most of a forty earlier this evening

wow I was totally in denial about how much packing sucks

and moving sucks

moving really sucks, you guys!!!!

moving for the 2nd time in 6 months really sucks!!

and I have to do this again a year from now!!!

this sucks!!!!!!!!!